Making the world a better place by being Positive & Kind


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 Now the story :

Who is Positive Amy?

  • My Name is Amy Walker : wife , mother, daughter & friend.

Why Positive Amy?

  • After living almost 50 years… and hoping for 100 years minimum in this crazy world,I thought why not live out a great dream I have. 

Helping others to deal with tough times, by knowing there are Positive & Kind People in this really crazy world.

Life is crazy… sometimes a life changing event can just really open up your eyes.

So here I am, enjoying Life. Being Happy, Loud and just enjoying Life!!!

PositivePuppy & KindnessKitty were created out of my vision in 2021 – but now in 2022 the Positive Pets has gone wild!!!

Positive Puppy     Kindness Kitty    Huggy Horsey   Friendly Frog

coming soon – Butterfly, Dinosaur, Tiger, Turtle, Lion, Zebra, and many more.

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NO Obligation – it costs money – lol to send these all over the place.

as of Feb 2022 I have plenty of Material

Want List –

  • Donations for Postage
  • Donations for Ink for labels & tags
  • Donations of Filler – you can email me and I can give you the item on Amazon





Memory Puppy & Memory Kitty will be available (the creation in memory of our “Sugar” rip 2021)